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On March 7, 2006, Zhi was born with a hole in his heart. As luck would have it, he came to China Care and three months later we provided the surgery to repair his heart.


He is now a healthy two-and-a-half year-old boy named Nathaniel and lives in upstate New York with his adoptive family, Darlene and Clinton Carroll and big sister AnNi Rose.

As a military couple, the Carrolls moved all over the place. Darlene Carroll had always wanted to adopt a child from China, so when the couple finally settled down, they adopted AnNi.  Carroll says she liked the idea of siblings having each other for support, so the Carrolls once again looked to China for another child and along came Nathaniel. “He is all I could have asked for and more,” beams his proud mom.

Nathaniel sees a doctor for his heart annually who gave him a clean bill of health. 

Other than a scar and a slight heart murmur, which his mother says does not slow him down one bit, Nathaniel is just like any normal toddler with a hearty appetite and a fun-loving personality. He is “very active, funny and smart,” says Darlene.

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