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In early 2007, Karen and Chad Merlet adopted then two-year old Gui, who had been living in one of China Care’s foster homes. Gui was born with a club foot. China Care provided the critical tenotomy surgery he needed to correct his foot and gave him love and care while he recuperated.


Soon after his surgery, the Merlets, who are from Virginia, made Gui part of their family. The Merlets report that after undergoing an additional surgery here in the United States, Gui, who is now Jacob Merlet, is adjusting quite well to his newfound life.


Read excerpts from their letter to China Care below.

I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how wonderful Jacob is doing…Since his tenotomy he is finally able to run! It is precious to watch him run after his brothers and sisters. He loves to follow them everywhere.


Jacob is speaking more and more. He still grunts a lot, but he seems to be trying to say the words more. If we ask him to repeat what he said, he is always willing to try again. He has the kindest heart. He always makes sure that Julia has whatever he has (a cookie, candy, sticker, etc.) If she doesn’t have one, or if she wants more, he will break his and share with her. It is enough to melt your heart. He is also protective of the rest of his siblings too.


And his smile…Wow, it’s enough to make anyone smile. He actually has dimples in his chin!

I hope it is obvious how much we love this awesome little boy. We are forever grateful to China Care and his foster parents for taking such good care of him.

Thank you so much,
Karen & Chad Merlet


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