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Three years ago a two-week old baby girl was found outside a village gate in Taiyuan City in China’s Shanxi Province. She suffered from brachial plexus palsy, which means she had lost movement in her arm, most likely due to damaged nerves as a result of a difficult delivery. 



After spending some time at an orphanage, Ju came to China Care, where she underwent physical therapy and flourished in foster care for the next year-and-a-half.


At that time Lisa and Ed Valenzuela, who wanted to adopt a second daughter from China, particularly one with special needs, were accepted as the girl’s parents. They decided to call her Mia.  Mom, Dad and big sister Sophia were elated to make Mia part of their family in November 2007. Below is a recent update from the Valenzuela family.We have been home for a year now and Mia is thriving! She is a spirited, feisty little sprite who is full of joy and curiosity. She is in occupational therapy on a weekly basis and is doing remarkably well and has gotten more function in her arm than even her occupational therapist expected at first. Our pediatrician  


observed that she is a happy and secure child and feels that she must have been very well-loved by her caregivers in China.She has a devoted older sister and parents who cannot believe their good fortune as well as a wide circle of friends and family who cherish her. She is a special child.


We cannot imagine life without her, and are so grateful to China Care for making her early days secure and providing her with such good care. I truly believe China Care saved Mia's life, so that we in turn could give her a future.