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Fang Fang


FangFang is a 2-year-old boy born with retinoblastoma (eye cancer). When he came to the China Care Home last August, his left eye was atrophied, which required removal, but we were hoping the right eye could be saved.

fang fang

Unfortunately, doctors found that the cancer cells had metastasized to the optic nerves so FangFang had to lose both eyes. After the surgeries, FangFang also needed six rounds of chemotherapy.

For the past six months, FangFang has spent half that time in hospital. During his hospitalizations, FangFang ’s China Care nannies continued to look after him. FangFang only drank milk and refused to eat any solid food even when his nannies fed him spoonful by spoonful. He would spit out the food in his mouth.

Our nannies tried different ways to help him learn to eat. First they fed him milk with a spoon. At the beginning, FangFang didn’t know there was milk in the spoon so he refused to open his mouth. But when he realized it was his familiar food, he began to try the milk. In this way, he gradually got familiar with the spoon. Then our nannies put different food in the spoon and persuaded him to taste it. Feeding him took a long time, but he finally learned to eat solid food. Now his favorite food is dessert!

FangFang used to sleep during the day and play at night. We


created a schedule to help him get to sleep at a reasonable hour. Wake at 6 a.m., nap at 12:30 p.m., and sleep at 9 p.m. During the day, the nannies played with him and didn’t let him stay in bed. Because he didn’t sleep much during the day, he slept at night. Now, he knows when to eat, play and sleep.



He is lucky to have so many nannies caring for him around the clock. With their help, he can say some simple words like “mama” and “grandpa.” Sometimes, he hums a song “Ocean… Ocean.” When the nannies call his name, he gradually moves his body toward the direction of the sound. As of April, FangFang has completed chemotherapy and has since been discharged from CCH. Though he can’t see the world, we know he can feel the love from people around him.

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