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china care

China Care Foundation was founded in 2000 to give special needs Chinese orphans the opportunity for a better life and to empower youth through direct humanitarian service.

Our beginnings

When he was 11 years old, Matt Dalio spent a year in China where he fell in love with the people and the culture. Matt personally witnessed the living conditions of orphans with special needs. Their faces made a lasting impression on him and he committed to do something to give them hope. Five years later in 2000, at the age of 16, Matt founded China Care Foundation to offer orphaned children with special needs a brighter future.

Success stories

It was evident early on that funding orphanage renovations would only be a very small part of what China Care would accomplish. Many of the orphaned children living in China’s institutions were special needs children. Over the years,  China Care funded thousands of surgeries for orphaned children, making them whole. Just as important, once they were healthy, they could be adopted, giving them both health and home.

When one is touched two are changed

3055 Children in our care

2663 Surgeries

271 Adoptions

558 Placed in foster care 

61 China Care Clubs

4600 Empowered Youth

$446,000 Grants and loans awarded to families adopting special needs children


... and counting

OUR work

saving lives

In China, children with serious medical conditions are often abandoned because their parents simply cannot afford to pay for the necessary and often life-saving medical care. 

building futures

Children who live in orphanages often face debilitating medical problems and they are also at very high risk for permanent cognitive and emotional damage because they spend their days with little if any stimulation or individual attention.

empowering youth

The first China Care club was started when Matt was in college because he wanted to give his fellow classmates the same chance he had  to bring hope to orphans in China who were desperate for medical care.

Our Work


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Showcase of some of our most brilliant memories.

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