The China Care Home

The China Care Home is an interim residential care facility for medically fragile orphaned infants and toddlers.  It is equipped to provide state-of-the-art medical care to as many as 80 children at any given time in our pre and post operation Special Care Nursery and our Family Housing Unit for long-term recuperative care.

Children are brought to The China Care Home from sending orphanages around the country. They are then prepared to receive surgery there or are transported directly to the hospital and sent to our home after surgery.

Trained Special Care staff provides professional, loving care for the children while they are in the hospital.  While the children are in residence in the Special Care Nursery, they receive round-the-clock care in a nurturing environment.

Our Family Housing Unit provides care for children who need a longer recuperation period or need to receive ongoing medical treatments. The Family Housing Unit consists of family apartments, each with trained and loving foster parents who nurture one to three recovering babies as if they were their own. The parents ensure that all medical needs are met, as well as the equally pressing needs of these vulnerable babies, to be cherished and valued.

In fact, from the moment a child arrives at our Home, our trained caregivers know that their job is not only to carefully tend the child’s medical needs, but also to make sure the children know they are cherished and valued.  Just like parents caring for a beloved, sick child, our China Care Home caregivers gently cuddle children in physical or emotional pain and consider it their mission to help the tiniest, most fragile children gain enough weight to withstand surgery—no matter how often or how slowly they need to feed the children.  

Throughout the preparation for and recuperation from their often grueling treatments,  the tiny children in our China Care Home, who fight so valiantly for their lives, receive the best medical care available and also learn that they are not alone in this world.