Annual Clothing Sale for China Care

January 24, 2011

By Haidan, Co-VP of Media for the McGill China Care Club

It's been a super busy start of 2011 for the McGill China Care Club. We recently held our annual second-hand clothing sale, which is our biggest club event of the year. This year, we encountered and defeated some new challenges, including having limited storage space. It was a lot of hard work, but with many enthusiastic volunteers and club members we were able to hold another successful second-hand clothing sale!

Since October we had been collecting used clothing from the China Care Clothing Bins that we placed out on the McGill campus and at the residence halls. Week after week we would find the bins filled, sometimes overflowing, and would bring the clothing to our apartments for storage. Our clothing coordinators, Alice and Yolanda, along with many helpful volunteers, worked really hard to organize, sort and move all the clothing to prepare for the sale.

Our sale began on 1-11-2011. We were glad to see not only happy customers, but also a growing interest in the China Care cause. Many people took the China Care brochures we had on display and others signed up for our club’s email list. Some students said this was their first time coming to the McGill China Care clothing sale event, and that they wanted to come again next year too.

The three day sale went extremely well, raising over one thousand dollars per day! On the final day, in order to sell as many items as we could, we gave a special half-price deal to the shoppers. After the sale was done, we packed up the remaining unsold clothing and plan to donate it to local Montreal shelters, allowing us to give back both locally and internationally to causes that are important to the McGill community.

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