Cooking for China Care

November 10, 2010

By Caroline Lai, Cathy Diep & Emily Fan
From McGill China Care Club

Last Friday, we hosted our annual cooking workshop and it was a huge success! We began our workshop with an icebreaker game and an introductory speech about China Care and what our club is doing to help. The thirty guests then broke off into the four cooking booths to focus on making different food items. On the menu were sushi rolls, Onigiri (Japanese rice balls), Vietnamese spring rolls and bubble tea.

Each guest was able to attend each booth to learn how to make the food item, and then got to eat their work of art! The sushi booth was the most popular, and we know now to cook more rice for next time. Below are the recipes so people can see how easy and delicious it is to cook these items themselves.

McGill China Care is lucky to have a number of dedicated volunteers, in addition to members, to make up the kitchen staff and cooking teachers. Guests purchased advanced tickets to attend and many brought their roommates and friends to make it a girl’s night out. There was also a booth where we displayed posters, banners and flyers about China Care and our club.

Although it took a lot of preparation, the night went fabulously well and we look forward to hosting the event again. We believe this year's executive team is very strong and will raise awareness around campus and in the Montreal community about China Care. All proceeds earned from this event will be donated from the McGill University China Care Club to sponsor China Care’s children in need of medical care.


- 1.5 cups Japanese rice
- 3 tbsp rice vinegar
- 2.5 tbsp sugar
- 2 tsp salt

1. Mix vinegar + sugar + salt until dissolved
2. Once rice is cooked, transfer to a large bowl and fold in vinegar mixture
3. Cool rice quickly with a fan; make sure rice is body temp before using to make sushi

- Cucumber
- Crab
- Carrots
- Avocado
- Spam or sausages
- Nori cut into strips

1. Put a sheet of nori on saran wrap
2. Put rice on the nori and spread with fingers
3. Place strips of desired ingredients in a strip in the centre
4. Roll and cut with a large knife into pieces 


o Japanese rice
o Nori cut into small strips
o Saran wrap

o Fillings/mixes
-Canned salmon + Miracle whip + corn + peas
-Sausage bits
-Pork floss

1. Put a circle of rice on saran wrap and make a dent in the middle and fill with desired filling
2. Wrap with saran wrap and mold into desired shape
3. Decorate with nori

Spring Rolls

• Rice paper wrappers
• Lettuce
• Cooked shrimp halves
• Julienned carrots
• Julienned cucumbers
• Cooked vermicelli
• Peanut sauce (Hoisin sauce + chopped peanuts)

1. Soak rice paper wrapper in a shallow dish of warm water for ~30 seconds until pliable
2. Bundle up vermicelli and place other desired ingredients in the centre of the paper wrapper.
3. Wrap up the ingredients. Serve with peanut sauce

Bubble Tea

• 1 cup large black or white tapioca pearls
• 8 cups water
1. Bring the cooking water to a vigorous boil in a large pot.
2. Stir in the tapioca pearls slowly, so they do not stick together or sink into a clump.
3. Boil for 5 minutes,
4. Remove and place in cold water for 20 seconds
5. Cover with bubble tea sugar syrup, stir to coat. Refrigerate covered if not used right away.

Bubble tea sugar syrup
• 2 cups white or brown sugar (brown has a stronger taste)
• 2 cups water
1. Mix sugar and water in a large pot
2. Cook at medium to high heat
3. As soon as the sugar dissolves and the mixture boils remove from heat
4. Let cool and refrigerate or serve

Bubble tea
• 4 oz. tea leaves(black, red or green)/ 4L water
• Juice (for fruit bubble tea)
• Condensed milk (for milk tea)
1. Boil tea and let steep to desired flavour. Let cool.
2. For fruit bubble tea, mix juice and tea to taste
3. For milk tea, use a stronger tea and mix with a few tsps condensed milk
4. Add tapioca pearls

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