Volunteering at The China Care Home-- Day 16, Summer 2010

July 26, 2010

Day 16 by Brodie Olson

Coming to the China Care Home has been an eye-opening experience. As a China Care club member at The Hotchkiss School I applied to be a volunteer not knowing what to expect. I am very impressed with the Home and what it gives to these children and how it gives them hope for a better life in the future.

The Home is very nice and up to date. The children have an abundant amount of toys to play with. The staff is extremely dedicated to their jobs and the children. This is the perfect place for these children to be while recovering from their illnesses. The nurses are all so patient with the children and loving towards them.  

Today two of my favorite toddlers returned to the orphanages where they lived before they received treatment at the Home. Yan, a four –year-old girl, is recovering from surgery to remove a benign brain tumor. Fortunately the surgery went very well, but for me it was difficult to watch her leave because China Care became her home. I will miss Yan, but will receive comfort knowing she is on the road to adoption and back to a long healthy life.

BaoLong, the other departing toddler, is a three- year-old boy with a severe heart defect. Over the past couple of years he has undergone multiple surgeries thanks to China Care. He was physically the largest of all the children here and loved to play with both his friends and his nannies.

Both Yan and BaoLong will be deeply missed.  I wish them well—both in their physical recovery and their road to finding a family of their own.

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