Volunteering at The China Care Home-- Day 15, Summer 2010

July 26, 2010

Day 15 by Perrin Brown

This is my third trip to China and it is by far the most unforgettable.  The children here at China Care have found a place in my heart that will never fade.  They are truly incredible because they have experienced hospitalization but are still able to smile when I enter the room.

Every morning we hear the children cry “jie jie” and “ge ge,” meaning “older sister” and “older brother” because of their excitement at seeing us.  When the toddlers see the group of volunteers, their faces light up and they immediately want us to pick them up.  The babies enjoy it when we play peek-a-boo or bounce them on our laps.  Their smiles are heartwarming and leave an immense impression on all of us.

One of the older girls, Yan, is leaving the Home tomorrow and today we were fortunate enough to see her with her wig on.  She had hydrocephalus surgery two years ago at age three and recently came to China Care because she had a benign brain tumor.  She had surgery to remove most of thechoroid plexus papilloma tumor, which left the five year old with a shaved head.  Today Yan was bubbly as everyone shouted she was “hen piaoliang” or “very pretty” and wanted their picture with her.  Yan is very smart--she tried to learn English from us and teaches the younger children how to behave.  The way she handles herself with the other children and looks after them is unbelievable.  

Being here is like a dream because everyone is so kind and the joy you feel is magical.  I cannot believe there are only a few days left before I wake up in America.  But I look forward to sharing with my club at Darien High School how much China Care is doing for these children while they are recovering in a safe, caring environment.  

This facility is extremely impressive - nearly eighty children can recuperate here under the constant supervision of a staff that includes well-trained nurses.  It is also well-stocked with medical supplies and toys and very clean so that the children can stay healthy.  China Care has come a long way in ten years of its founding and it can only progress in the next decade.  

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