Volunteering at The China Care Home-- Day 14, Summer 2010

July 25, 2010

Day 14 by Ethan Pearce

When I first told everyone about my interest in volunteering in China, their immediate response was “Why don’t you help American children in need?” Whatever the reason -- a need for more impressive accomplishments on my college resume, community service hours required to graduate from high school or, quite possibly, fate – I felt compelled to embark on the endeavor. I did though start wondering whether it was selfish and misguided to neglect my own fellow Americans so that I could help comfort babies 6,000 miles away. By the time of my flight to China I was anxious about what lay ahead.

However, the instant I walked into The China Care Home, my jingoistic obsession immediately vanished. The smiling faces and screams of laughter reinforced a concept I had not truly comprehended—our shared humanity. While it might seem like a cliché, China Care taught me that all people, American or Chinese, are at heart the same; skin color, language and customs vary wildly, but the core of each person is not unique. Within all of us there is the ability to be kind, passionate and caring.

Although my stay at The China Care Home is almost over, I know the experience will help me grow as a human being. Volunteering at China Care did not simply give me a better chance at getting accepted to my top college, it taught me that all human beings, no matter their race or gender, need help at one point in their lives, and that as fellow human beings, it is our duty to make sure we provide that help when we can. Thank you China Care!

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