Volunteering at The China Care Home-- Day 9, Summer 2010

July 20, 2010

Day 9 by Meredith Schmidt-Fellner

Each day here so far is filled with countless new experiences and adventures. I was the president of the China Care Club at Greenwich Academy this past year, although I did not truly comprehend the remarkable work that China Care does and its necessity in this country. The children here have disabilities that include heart defects, spina bifida, cleft palate, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and the list goes on and on. These children may have otherwise not had the proper care or funding for their life-changing surgeries without this incredible foundation.  

You should see this China Care home! There are pristine cribs, beautiful clothes and sheets, plentiful toys and the care only equal to that of a mother-child relationship. These nannies must have the hardest job in the entire world. Right next to all the lovely cribs is also a bed for their “mamas” to spend the night and give the children 24-hour care. After some time, the babies recover and go back to an orphanage fit to take care of them and another baby fills the empty crib. There is certainly no rest for the weary; however, the “mamas” are always there just like doting mothers. If only I knew Chinese so I could tell the nurses how much I admire their ceaseless work!

Beijing is really an incredible city -- different pockets offer you varying points of view on its history, past and present. There are plenty of modern buildings not far from remnants of the thousands of years’ old culture including  the Great Wall and Forbidden City, as well as evidence of the modernization and progress of China such as the Olympic Village and the Silk Market. The Silk Market is quite unreal; floors upon floors of vendors selling their countless goods. The city is really a perfect hub for the China Care home, accessible to the Children’s Hospital and anything else desired for these lucky children.

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