Volunteering at The China Care Home-- Day 5, Summer 2010

July 15, 2010

Day 5 by Rachel Lin


I have been volunteering at China Care for a couple of days and I really enjoy this unique experience. I love to spend time with the kids, playing with them, chatting with them, helping them get dressed and have lunch.


At first, the kids were a little afraid of me because I was a total stranger to them. But as I spent more time with them, they got much more attached to me. They will say hi to me when they see me, running to me and asking for a hug. Their bright smiles are the best gift I am receiving from this trip.


I remember a little girl called YanYan most vividly. She is five and she just had brain surgery. She was really quiet at first, but once she starts to smile at you, she’s just like a little angel who accidentally fell to the earth. I find that she is really sweet and caring with the other kids. She always shares the toys with them and takes care of them. It is really surprising for kids at this age to be so responsible and helpful. I love to play games with her, and sometimes I teach her about colors. I remember yesterday when she suddenly touched my shorts and said “blue.” I was so thrilled! I am a single child in my Chinese family and I felt for the first time that these kids are my little sisters and brothers.


I am especially impressed with the work of the China Care staff. The kids here were abandoned by their parents because of their disabilities. However, they are still luckier than a lot of abandoned children because China Care is here to provide everything they need both physically and emotionally. I am only volunteering during the daytime and I get so tired after a whole day’s work, but the nannies here are working 24 hours a day and they still love their work. I talk to the nannies while attending to the babies and I really admire them. They do not treat their job as routine babysitting. Instead, they treat the kids here as their own. They eat with them, sleep with them, play with them. The nannies often share their own meals with the toddlers. These kids are lucky because they have the best moms in the world.


The director here told me a story. A toddler had surgery and he had to stay in the hospital for three weeks. China Care arranged for his nanny to stay in the hospital with him 24 hours a day. She frequently visited him and brought toys to him. The director said, “Though he may not remember when he grows up, we just want him to remember he is loved and that he is able to love other people later in his life.” Being loved and loving others. I believe this is the most important lesson anyone can teach.

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