Volunteering at The China Care Home-- Day 1, Summer 2010

July 9, 2010

A wonderful group of high school and college students has arrived in Beijing to volunteer at The China Care Home. These students, who are active members of the China Care Clubs on their campuses, are taking turns writing a daily blog about their experiences at the Home.

Day 1 by Sydney Rivers
Today started off early due to jetlag.
We began our day by having breakfast. This included eggs, toast, fried rice, fruit, and sausage. After we finished our meals, we headed off to The China Care Home.
The Home consists of a floor of an apartment building. To enter the rooms you have to put on rubber slippers to protect the children from outside germs and you have to wash your hands.

The first room that many of us went into was the toddler room where the children were playing with a box and a wood triangle. Later in the day the toddlers have preschool. Fortunately, Caroline, another volunteer, and I got to join this class. The kids sing together and go around and give everyone a hug and kiss. The most exciting part of the class was when the children built play-doh sculptures. When they finished building the sculptures, the teacher put birthday candles into them. The kids were so excited and were blowing them out. The children were also playing with bracelets, headbands, and rubber bands. They get very competitive about who gets the object.

After preschool ended, we headed off to a different room where there were a lot of kids with clubbed feet. One baby had both feet casted, which must be very difficult for her.
After playing with the children, we went to lunch. The cook made us beef dumplings, which were delicious.

Today was a great start and I am excited to continue working at The China Care Home.

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