The China Care Home’s 1st Anniversary Celebration!

May 24, 2010

This month, we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of our beautiful new China Care Home in Beijing, one more wonderful milestone in The China Care Foundation’s decade-long work providing nurturing love and medical care to orphaned children in China:

The China Care Home’s 1st Anniversary Celebration!
By Helena Lv, China Care Program Director

On Monday, May 17, The China Care Home celebrated the one-year anniversary of our new facility with a party for all of the staff and the children.  At the party, we looked back on the past year’s journey. All of the nannies and staff got emotional as we showed pictures of the children who came to the home and recovered from their medical procedures. We also clapped with joy at the news that some of these children had been adopted.  

The China Care nannies gave a performance of a traditional Chinese poem called “A loving mother’s heart,” and they sang a nursery rhyme called, “Mama is the best person in the world.” During the chorus, everyone present was moved and many had tears in their eyes. We concluded the party with a big first birthday cake. Jenny Bowen, executive director of Half the Sky Foundation, was present to cut the cake and give a short speech to everyone who helped make this first year a success.

 Thanks to all for your hard work and support. With your help, The China Care Home will continue to care for many more children who desperately need medical treatment and, equally important, love and support.

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