China Care Brown Awareness Week

April 12, 2010

On a sunny warm week in March, China Care Brown organized its first ever China Care Awareness Week in Providence, Rhode Island. The purpose of the event was to highlight the club’s efforts to provide medical support to orphaned children in China—and raise funds for those efforts as well.

During the five-day Awareness Week, club members sold China Care T-shirts and Brown University Professor Sonja van Wichelen gave a talk about international adoption. Club members also used a creative method for spurring donations: “We advertised by putting fake dollar bills in every mailbox on campus that instructed students to donate a dollar to a child’s surgery,” says club member Emily Cole ’10, who coordinated the event.

The finale of the week was a charity Fashion Sale held on campus. “We emailed many fashion companies asking for clothing donations and got quite a few positive responses,” says club member Stephanie Chen ’11, who coordinated the sale. The result was discounted prices for designer wear, including  LeSportSac, A Lot To Say, and Kimberly Ovitz. Bargain shoppers could also buy raffle tickets for a variety of gift cards and a gift basket.

The week was a wonderful success!  All of the funds collected will be used to help provide surgery for two children at The China Care Home, a little boy with a heart condition and Down syndrome, and a little girl with a tethered spinal cord.

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