A China Care Club's First Year

March 1, 2010

Megan Gao, who started the China Care club at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada during her senior year, spent part of last summer volunteering at The China Care Home in Beijing, a life-changing experience that she wrote about for our website. 

Megan’s experience working with the children in Beijing has added a new dimension to the outreach she does with her fellow students on campus. Now in addition to talking about the importance of providing medical care for China’s most vulnerable orphans, Megan can also tell students about her trip and how she “grew to love” the children at The China Care Home.

To date McMaster’s China Care Club has attracted a core group of 10 club members, who always bring fun ideas and initiatives to the table. Last semester the students hosted numerous bake sales and also organized a coin collection drive for Halloween.

Megan says the Club’s vice president Brittnie and officers Alastair and Yan Wen “have a huge passion and willingness to effect a change in the lives of these orphaned children.” In addition to continuing its already successful fundraising, the McMaster China Care Club hopes to start a playgroup for adopted Chinese children in Hamilton, Ontario.


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