China Care Home's Associate Director: Understanding Babies' Needs

November 16, 2009

Lily Lu has been with China Care since 2006 when she started as the car coordinator (arranging transportation for the children to and from the hospital) and eventually became a director of one of China Care’s original children’s homes.  Because she has been with China Care for so long, Lily has gotten to know all the children extremely well, not just their personalities but all their medical conditions and histories as well. In fact, Lily now plays a key role in the children’s medical care.

 Lily cares for a new arrivalLily cares for a new arrivalAs the Associate Director at the China Care Home, she checks many of them once they arrive and follows them throughout their stay, determining what their needs are at all times. Lily learned to understand the medical issues of children with birth defects by working closely with one of the volunteer nurse practitioners in the early years at China Care. “I don’t care about how long I have to stay at work or even waking up in the middle of the night to see to a sick child,” Lily Mealtime!Mealtime!explained. “The babies are special to me.”

Lily works closely with our in-house doctor, Dr. Tang, arranging all the surgeries and medical checkups and following up on the medical treatment they need pre and post diagnosis and surgery. She watches each child closely to make sure their medical condition is stable and immediately consults with the doctor when they need to go to the hospital.

Lily comforts ZiMingLily comforts ZiMingLily also has an eye for good pictures and runs around with her camera capturing many great moments of all the children, as if they were her own kids. Lily almost went into teaching, but she fell into her role with China Care and has never turned back. She says she loves what she does because, “All the babies are so cute!” She admits that her first experience with a baby dying was a difficult one, but all the children amaze her. “I am so moved by how hard they fight with death.”



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