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The Happiest Baby
September 1, 2008

Born with spina bifida and abandoned shortly after, one little girl braves her medical challenges with a smile and in doing so, makes a big impression on a China Care volunteer.

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NYU Club President Selected for Competitive Internship

9.1.08 - During the summer of 2008, the president of the NYU China Care Club promoted China Care when she worked at her dream job as an intern for a leading New York advertising agency.

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Cara's Story

8.15.08 - A young girl who suffered from scoliosis so severe that the pressures on her internal organs from her upper body would ultimately cause her death gets life-saving surgery thanks to a generous couple that supports China Care.

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China Care Founder Matt Dalio Honored with Fulbright Award

7.1.08 - China Care President and Founder Matt Dalio was one of just four people to receive a prestigious honor from One To World at its Fulbright Awards dinner in June 2008.

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