China Care Brown celebrates the Moon Festival

October 11, 2011

Despite the gloomy weather forecasts on October 1, adoptive families from the Providence, Rhode Island, area came out to celebrate the annual Chinese holiday of the Mid-Autumn Festival by making paper puppets and lanterns, fishing, and getting caricatures and balloon animals. Brown student groups such as Tae Kwon Do, Gendo Taiko Drumming, Brown’s Disney A Capella, Chinese dance, and juggling came out to perform and support the event.

This year China Care Brown welcomed a special guest, author T.A. DeBonis of the book series The Monkey Kings Daughter, who has kindly supported our cause with his book sales. DeBonis said “Everyone in the club was exceptionally nice and they even staged an improv puppet show to go along with my [book] reading. It was very funny!”

Overall, the event was a great success and China Care Brown is planning to donate the proceeds to support a child at the China Care Home.

To learn more about China Care Brown visit their club website here.

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