Volunteering at the China Care Home - Lakin Vitton – Day 4

July 19, 2011

I’m greatly impressed by the caregivers at the China Care Home. The nannies, nurses and staff devote so much time to watching these children before, during, and after their operations. Even though I get the feeling that some of the nannies must get stressed at times, they always wear a smile and are always happy to see us.

So far this has been a very rewarding experience. Taking care of the children, one realizes that we are truly fortunate. We have been spending most of our time taking care of the children. We’re with them in the morning, after their naps in the afternoon, and in the evening. Each night we go to a new restaurant. We have also done some sightseeing and have visited the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square, but we spend the most time taking care of the children and then recovering from an exhausting day of work.

Since we started working in the home, we have grown especially attached to a few of the children, including Carlos, Miao Miao, Chaz, Jack and Wei Wei. These nicknames are for the children we love and visit every day. It will be hard to leave the home when the volunteer experience is over but I am glad I took advantage of this great opportunity.

Lakin is a student at Exeter Academy and he has been taking Mandarin classes throughout high school. This is his second trip to China.


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