Boston University's 6th Annual HOPE Show

March 29, 2011

By Judy S. Choy & Richard Cheng, Co-Presidents

Each year, Boston University China Care Fund (BUCCF) hosts the HOPE Show, a showcase of various talents from the BU community, in collaboration with Alpha Kappa Delta Phi.

This past year, the 6th annual HOPE Show featured 18 talented performers and student groups. The diverse acts included hip hop dancers, an operatic performance, a traditional Vietnamese dance, and a Chinese yo-yo act, just to name a few. The successful show brought in over 300 audience members as well as raised awareness for our cause at BU.

The HOPE show raised over $2,000, all of which was donated to a little boy at The China Care Home who suffers from Spina bifida. Without treatment, he could have gotten a life threatening infection or even worse, brain damage.

BUCCF is excited to continue our efforts in providing aid to the orphans of China Care as well as fostering relations within the Greater Boston community.

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