Duke China Care Annual Banquet

February 24, 2011

By Claire Li, Information Officer of Duke China Care Club

“My Story.” That was the central theme for this year’s Duke China Care Club’s 4th Annual Banquet, our biggest fundraising event of the year. This year we wanted to celebrate the unique stories of adoptees as well as the commonalities in all of our stories that brought us together on that Saturday evening on February 12, 2011.

The evening started off with a catered buffet dinner followed by a diverse array of cultural performances that highlighted the richness of the Chinese heritage. We watched a Tejik dance, a flowers and lanterns dance, a cups dance performed by adorable girls adopted from China, traditional Beijing opera and pipa performances by Duke undergraduates, and even a thrilling martial arts performance! In the midst of all the food and entertainment, parents, students, and children made their bids in our silent auction that featured items ranging from gift certificates to student lessons to Chinese paper cuts.

The last hour of the banquet was dedicated to our featured speaker, Mr. Steve Kalb. Mr. Kalb is a Korean adoptee and director of the Youth Adoptee Camps at Holt International Children’s Services, a Christian organization dedicated to adoption. Steve talked about his work at Holt International, focusing mainly on the adoptee experience and how to empower adoptees to have a voice. At the end of his talk, we held an engaging question-and-answer session with parents.

At the end of the night many parents left with handfuls of auction goodies, leaving us empty tables and satisfied hearts; the event all of us at Duke China Care Club, and especially our fundraising coordinators Jennifer Wang and Dianna Hu, had spent months planning was a success! That night we raised more than $3,000 and more than 200 people attend our banquet. And best of all, thanks to the generosity of our parents and sponsors, we now have enough money to fund two children who are in need of medical treatment at The China Care Home. We could not ask for more!

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