Fall 2010 with Emory China Care

January 31, 2011

By Karina Legradi, Emory China Care Club President

The Emory China Care Club had a successful fall semester supporting the China Care Foundation's mission. The main event of the semester was a benefit concert on October 29 featuring various musical and dance performances such as the Beijing Opera, a Korean rock band, and hip hop artists. Over 200 people were in attendance and the Emory club’s executive board ended the night by singing a heart-warming piece in Chinese.

On November 13, the Emory China Care Club also held a date auction in which students from Emory, Georgia State, Agnes Scott, the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech found their secret admirers and raised money to provide surgeries for disabled orphans in China at the same time.

These events coupled with smaller-scale bread sale and trick-or-treating fundraisers raised over $3,000 last semester alone. We are really looking forward to our largest fundraiser of the year, the Annual Banquet and Silent Auction, on March 26, 2011. Stay tuned for more updates from Emory!

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