Bows for Babies

January 6, 2011

By Carmen Kriebel

I am a freshman in high school and I have always had an interest, almost an obsession, with China. The whole idea of Bows for Babies started when I read Kay Bratt's book, Silent Tears. As most people know, in China there is a one child limit. The book is about the struggles of the orphans in China and the challenges that the orphanages have trying to get medical treatment for the critically ill, special needs children. I told my best friend Megan, who I’ve known since second grade, about this book and she read it and wanted to help too. We wanted a way to raise money for these orphaned children with medical needs, and we came up with the idea for a Bows for Babies Club.

Megan and I are now making hair bows, blankets and other products to help sponsor children at The China Care Home in need of surgery. We have made many adorable hair bows with various different techniques. We also have made flannel blankets in different sizes and colors that people can purchase in order to raise funds for the China Care cause.

To learn more about our products and our desire to help please visit:  

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