China Scope Lecture Series for China Care

September 28, 2010

Nearly one hundred people attended the recent China Scope lectures series at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The lecture series, China Scope: Understanding China’s Economy and Society, was generously underwritten by IMS Health, the world’s leading provider of business intelligence and strategic support for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. It was hosted by M-Stone Advisory and China Care Club student volunteers from MIT, Harvard, Boston University, Brandeis and Tufts.

The two-day event included six insight-rich sessions that focused on China’s role in the global economy and its modern-day challenges. The primary speaker was Ms. Susan Mays, Principal at M-Stone Advisory and Hofstadter Fellow at Columbia University. In addition to Ms. Mays, six guest speakers included China experts from academia, finance, law and consulting.

Net proceeds from this event were donated to China Care Foundation, Inc.

Attendees included a mix of undergraduate and graduate students, working professionals, including high school teachers, investment bankers, and retirees. Below is some of the positive feedback from the event:

“I wish my Harvard Business School group had been able to attend China Scope before our trip to China!”

“The China Scope at MIT event is definitely the most meaningful activity I have been to since I came here [from China]. It is truly an unforgettable experience, as I've ever had. Thanks again!”

“Stimulating and very fast-paced for a novice on China. I learned a lot. Thank you very much.”

“Many of the lectures were very in-depth, and even though I know a lot about China, I...still learned a lot. Thank you very much!”

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