A Peak Into the Non-Profit World

June 10, 2010

By Elizabeth Smith

In this last month before my graduation from Fairfield Ludlowe High School, I volunteered as a student intern at China Care Foundation's office in Westport, Connecticut.

One of my tasks has been organizing, proof-reading, researching, viewing and cataloguing China Care’s vast video inventory. As I would insert tape after tape into the video camera, I would feel a wave of excitement at the prospect of discovering new and interesting footage. When I would come across footage of the children at The China Care Home, being doted on lovingly by one of the nurses, I would feel so proud. Some videos almost brought me to tears and others gave me a renewed sense of the honor of China Care's mission.

I enjoyed getting a sense of what life is like working at a non-profit organization. At China Care the employees put in countless hours, emotional investments and a great deal of heart into the work that they do. They know that every task they perform brings China Care a step closer to saving another life. And the adorable photos around the office drives home the importance of who we are fighting to save.

While most of my friends are frustrated by the meaninglessness of their student internships, I can truly say I loved my time here at China Care. I look on my experience as an opportunity to help China Care help these children in need. I know that anyone who is able to get similar insight into the workings of this unparalleled non-profit world will jump at the opportunity to do anything they can to help.

I plan on starting a China Care Club at Colgate University, where I will start as a freshman in the fall of 2010. I know I will bring the lessons I have learned from China Care about selflessness, community outreach and charity to my new college enviornment.

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