Second Annual Club Awards

May 3, 2010

China Care is proud to recognize those clubs that went above and beyond this year with our second annual Club Awards. The devoted members of these student-run clubs have been so supportive of China Care over the 2009-2010 academic year – donating their time, effort and passion to help us provide medical care for so many children in need. This year we even included an awards category to recognize the faculty advisors of these outstanding China Care Clubs. For this award, the Clubs themselves nominated their faculty advisors.

We congratulate this year’s winners on their hard-earned success and look forward to celebrating the dedication and commitment of many more Clubs and Faculty Advisors in the years to come.

Outstanding Support & Generosity
Harvard China Care Club - GOLD
Brown China Care Club - SILVER

Outstanding Leadership
Northwestern China Care Club - GOLD
U-Texas Austin China Care Club - SILVER

Outstanding Community Service: Playgroup Program
NYU China Care Club - GOLD
UCONN China Care Club – SILVER

Outstanding Community Service: Mentorship Program
Emory China Care Club - GOLD
UCLA China Care Bruins – SILVER

Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award
Mr. Victor Samarakone – Bergen County Academies China Care Club - GOLD
Mr. Tedd Vanadilok - Northwestern China Care Club – SILVER

New Club Award
UPENN China Care Club

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