Thank You For Helping Us Raise More Than $32,000!

January 2, 2010

We had an extraordinary opportunity this year when a generous donor came forward and offered to match all donations raised on our Facebook Cause page during the holiday season. There was no time to waste, and we reached out to you, our loyal supporters, to ask not only for contributions, but for you to take a leap with us and test out a new way of giving. And you did! Many of you took us up on our Facebook Challenge and ventured into the world of giving through social media. BiYuBiYuWe cannot be more grateful!

The final tally from our Facebook Challenge, which lasted from Thanksgiving through the last day of 2009, shows that you contributed $16,145. With the generous match, that means you helped us raise more than $32,000! MengLuMengLuThat translates to $32,000 to fund more surgeries for more children orphaned in China who are desperate for medical care. That money will improve the lives of babies like BiYu, the little girl who needed casting and braces to fix her malformed hands and feet; RuiQiuRuiQiuMengLu, the baby who desperately needed an operation to correct her serious intestinal condition; RuiQiu the little girl awaiting surgery for her spina bifida; and ZiMing, the boy who after heart and colon surgery, also needed a hernia operation. ZiMingZiMingThese children have or will get the medical care they need, in addition to the even more essential love and care necessary to lead normal and healthy lives, thanks to the gifts that you gave through our Facebook Challenge. Many heartfelt thanks from the China Care team and all the tiny patients in our family!


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