Students Collaborate at Clubs Conference

October 21, 2009

Members from 18 different clubs ventured to New York City on Saturday, October 10, to attend our annual China Care Clubs Conference. The gathering of more than 60 students spent the day learning more about the organization from China Care staff and volunteers Collaboration workshopCollaboration workshopand sharing their own experiences during break-out workshops.

“The break-out sessions were extremely informative and helpful,” remarked one attendee. “It was great to talk to other club members.” Another student shared that same sentiment, “I loved networking and the ability to truly feel involved in something so powerful.”

The conference was intended to update club members about what’s going on at the Foundation as well as to provide them the opportunity to meet one another and exchange ideas about fundraising, community outreach and more. Students traveled from as far away as Canada and NYU China Care Club membersNYU China Care Club membersCalifornia and as close as downtown New York.

“It was incredibly helpful to learn about what other clubs are doing to fundraise and spread awareness ,” said one of the guests. “It was wonderful to hear everyone else’s experiences and to get an idea of what worked and what didn’t,” said another.

Some of the club members even started collaborating right there at the conference. Students from schools in the Boston area talked about joining forces for some of their activities throughout the year. By getting the clubs together in person, China Care hoped to not only introduce club members from different schools to one another, but also to remind them how important their role is in helping the children of China Care.

Guest Speaker Leilani SmithGuest Speaker Leilani SmithFeatured speaker Leilani Smith, an adoptive mother whose daughter was once a China Care baby, gave a heartwarming and candid speech telling the audience that, “Because of your involvement children are living happier and healthier lives.” Smith’s daughter, who is now four years old, was born with club feet, which were corrected with the help of China Care. “I (went back to China and) saw a child who had club feet like my daughter once did, but this child was not treated and had no life there. She couldn’t go to school, she needed a walker to get around. My baby, my daughter, you would barely know she ever had a disability and that’s because of your help.”

Since the clubs play such an integral part in supporting The China Care Foundation and spreading awareness, China Care is working towards expanding its clubs program to get even more students and more schools involved, engaged and inspired.

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