Donations Pour In To Save Kang

March 26, 2009

In December we asked our donors to help us save a little boy with a heart defect who had been abandoned and would not survive without surgery. You overwhelmed us with your compassion and generosity when more than 50 people sent in donations! We are Kang before surgeryKang before surgerythrilled to report that your contributions raised more than $15,000, which allowed us to give that little boy, Kang, his heart surgery as well as pre-and post operative care, all accompanied by the tender love and care of a full-time caretaker.

Kang had been abandoned in China’s Shanxi province when he was just ten months old due to his severe congenital heart defect. Several doctors had evaluated Kang and found numerous complications: his heart was on the right side instead of the left; he had a hole between his right and left ventricles; the blood from his right ventricle to his lungs was obstructed; he had a displaced artery; and there wasn’t enough oxygen-rich blood being supplied to his heart muscle. Without treatment, doctors said Kang’s oxygen saturation level would plummet, which could have been fatal.

Kang after surgeryKang after surgeryWhen we asked for help to provide the costly surgery for Kang, individuals sent in donations, community groups made contributions and China Care clubs joined the effort. Supporters not only reached into their own pockets to contribute, but posted Kang’s story on list serves and held fundraisers to inspire others to help as well. The outpouring of support gave Kang the chance at a future.

Kang had the necessary heart surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. He is currently recuperating at The China Care Program where the 17-month old will likely lead a normal and healthy life.

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