China Care Founder Matt Dalio Honored with Fulbright Award

July 1, 2008

China Care President and Founder Matt Dalio was honored by One To World at its Fulbright Awards dinner in June 2008. Dalio, one of just four people to receive this noteworthy honor, was selected for being an outstanding international leader in humanitarian action.

“Matt Dalio is the youngest person ever to receive this award,” said Tracy Snyder, One To World’s Executive Director. “We were so moved by his inspiring vision and service on behalf of Chinese orphans, and his ability to engage other young people in making a difference globally.”

The Fulbright Award recognizes individuals whose work fosters international cooperation, bridging countries and cultures. In its seventeenth year, the dinner was held in New York City to raise the visibility of the late Senator J. William Fulbright’s vision. In 1945, Fulbright sponsored legislation establishing an international exchange program to further world peace.

Dalio’s interest in helping special needs orphans in China and success in providing that help by creating the China Care Foundation made him a prime candidate for the award. His additional focus on providing opportunities for hundreds of college students to travel to China as China Care volunteers also exemplifies the Fulbright vision.

Dalio shared the spotlight with three other distinguished award winners: Emily Altman, Managing Director and Head of International Government Relations at JPMorgan Chase; Barbara Crossette, former New York Times Bureau Chief for both Asia and the United Nations; and, Kevin E. Parker, Global Head of Deutsche Asset Management at Deutsche Bank.

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