Dear Friends,

I started the first China Care club when I was in college because I wanted to give my fellow classmates the same chance I had – to bring hope to orphans in China who were desperate for medical care. I was just a kid myself, but I realized what a difference I was making in these children’s lives and could only imagine how much more of an impact an entire network of students could make. 

As a China Care Club member you help give a child who has been abandoned the comfort of a home; you give a child desperate for medical care life-saving treatment; and you help give a special needs orphan a brighter future. You are not only reaching out with your heart, but you are also bridging the gap between two countries and two cultures. 

To learn more about how you can join or start a China Care Club please join the China Care Club Forum through our partners at Half the Sky Foundation.

I sincerely thank you for becoming a part of the China Care Clubs Community and for your dedication and willingness to give.

In gratitude,
Matt Dalio
Founder & President