Children who live in orphanages often face debilitating medical problems and they are also at very high risk for permanent cognitive and emotional damage because they spend their days with little if any stimulation or individual attention.  The good news is that we can change this. We take children with underlying medical issues into our China Care Home in Beijing where they undergo desperately needed surgeries at prestigious hospitals nearby. At The China Care Home the children receive stellar pre and post operative care that includes the hugs, smiles, and support that every child who endures life-saving medical treatment deserves.

Though China Care excels at providing life-saving medical care and comprehensive pre and post operative care, we did not have a good solution for our children’s long-term care until, in 2009, we found a wonderful partner in Half the Sky Foundation. Half the Sky excels at providing nurturing care for children living in orphanages, care that helps prevent the well-documented developmental problems so common in children who have been fed and clothed but not cherished. But Half the Sky was not able to provide medical care, even for heartbreakingly sick children in their programs.

The synergies became clear. China Care could focus on providing medical care and partner with Half the Sky to ensure that our children, once healthy and strong, are placed into loving environments.

Now when children leave The China Care Home after they have been given a clean bill of health, they are enrolled in one of Half the Sky's education, nurture and enrichment programs. Those children lucky enough to find "forever families" through adoption are able to form deep emotional bonds with their new parents and siblings because they have developed those same bonds with their trained Half the Sky nannies and teachers just as they did with their China Care Home caregivers.

At The China Care Foundation, our ultimate goal has always been not just to save orphaned children’s lives, but also to give them the best long-term opportunities to develop normally and live happy lives. Thanks to our partnership with Half the Sky Foundation we now know that our children – so lovingly watched over during their stay at our China Care Home – will continue to receive nurturing care so they too can have a chance for a bright future.