The China Care Home

Our China Care Home in Beijing provides state-of-the-art, lifesaving medical care for children living in orphanages located in areas where such care is not available. But that is not all.

Our staff not only nurses the children to health, but also helps ensure that the children can thrive after they heal physically. Our staff develops deep emotional bonds with the children, the bonds of love that neuroscientists tell us are crucial for children’s healthy development and long-term well-being. 

Because our caregivers bond so deeply with the tiny patients, it is for them a bittersweet day when the children, now healthy and strong, are released from our Home.  They are thrilled to see how far the children have come—from very sick, scared newcomers to happy, confident, healthy ex-patients ready to move past their sickness--and they are also sad to see the children they have loved go.

But most of all, on that day of transition, our China Care Home staff is full of hope.

They know that the children return to the sending orphanage with a government-approved handbook of specific instructions for their care, which is prepared by China Care's medical staff.

They know that thanks to our wonderful partnership with Half the Sky Foundation, the children will be enrolled in one of Half the Sky’s nurture and education programs where they can continue to thrive.

They know that HTS’ government partners will also provide a long-term plan for each child, which means the children will be adopted domestically or internationally or, if special needs preclude adoption of any sort, they will be placed in a permanent, loving foster home with a mom and dad they can call their own through HTS' Family Village Program.

Thanks to the wonderful care these precious children receive at The China Care Home and thanks to our partnership with Half the Sky Foundation, every child who leaves our Home leaves having been given two wonderful gifts— life saving medical care and the knowledge that they too are loved and they too have hope for a bright future.