Building Futures

Children who lack stimulation and individual attention often experience permanent cognitive, physical and emotional damage. The China Care Foundation is dedicated to making sure that doesn't happen to our children. Our partnership with Half the Sky Foundation allows us to ensure that our children are given the best opportunity for a brighter future. Once they leave the China Care Home, they are enrolled in one of Half the Sky's nurture, education and enrichment programs. Learn more »

The China Care Home

Our China Care Home in Beijing provides state-of-the-art, lifesaving medical care for children who live in orphanages located in areas where such care is not available. But that is not all.
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Half the Sky Infant Nurture Program

Half the Sky employs, trains and supervises local women to work as full-time nannies, providing orphaned babies the stimulation, bonding and affection that are essential to a healthy start.
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Half the Sky Little Sisters Preschools

Teachers from the local community are trained in Half the Sky’s innovative curriculum, designed to give young children the self-confidence, basic skills and love of learning that will help them to succeed when they move on to primary school.
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Half the Sky Youth Services Program

Older children, especially those who’ve not had the benefit of early education, often give up on themselves. Half the Sky provides these children individualized learning opportunities, according to their own interests, talents and aspirations.
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Half the Sky Family Village Program

Children, whose medical and developmental challenges preclude them from government adoption programs, grow up in permanent loving families, living in Half the Sky-provided homes nearby the institution where they can receive the support services they need.
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